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6 1/2"(165.1mm) IADC537 Tungsten Carbide Insert Tricone Drill Bits

6 1/2 inches TCI Tricone Bit


elastomer sealed bearing tricone bit drill bit water well drill bit tricone rock bit for hard rock 6.5 TCI tricone bit




Diameter  6 1/2"(165.1mm)
Bearing Type  Elastomer sealed bearing
Tooth Type  TCI(Tungsten Carbide Inserts)
Circulation Type  Mud fluid
Thread Connection  3 1/2 reg pin
Gauge Protection  Available
Shirttail Protection  Available
Operating Parameters
RPM(r/min) 120-50
WOB(KN) 74-165
Formations Medium formations,such as medium shale, limestone, medium sandstone, medium formation with harder and abrasive interbeds,etc.

Solidkey is a professional TCI tricone bits factory , we produce in lines of API standard , both the materials and machining processes are guaranteed.

Solidkey has rich Referenced Letters from customers of many countries in worldwide which supports us participate tenders and bring confidence to clients.

The rotary drill bits is working with rotary drill stem and mud pump, drilling stem makes pressure and rotation on rotary drilling bits, mud pump circulate mud to bring rock chips to ground.

The best solutions will be provided according to drilling depth, rock hardness, buget, etc.

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