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6 1/2"(165.1mm) IADC637G Metal-face Sealed TCI Tricone Bit

6 1/2"(165.1mm) IADC637 Tungsten Carbide Inserts TCI Tricone Bit


Tungsten carbide inserts TCI bit





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Diameter  6 1/2"(165.1mm)
Bearing Type  Metal-face sealed bearing
Tooth Type  TCI(Tungsten Carbide Inserts)
Circulation Type  Mud fluid
Thread Connection  3 1/2 reg pin
Gauge Protection  Available
Shirttail Protection  Available
Operating Parameters
RPM(r/min) 80-40
WOB(KN) 82-181
Formations Hard formation with high compressive strength ,such as hard shale,sandstone,dolomite, hard gypsum,chert,granite,etc.

1>6 1/2"(165.1mm) is a regular size in deep oil/gas well drilling and horizontal directional drilling(No-Dig / HDD / Trenchless) pilot hole drilling.

2>We have two types of tungsten carbide inserts tricone bit according to grades of bearing, one is Elastomer sealed bearing, another is Metal-face sealed bearing.

3>For deep well drilling, we recommend Metal-face sealed bearing TCI triconel bits. For hard rock and long distance trenchless(No-Dig / HDD) pilot hole drilling, we also recommend metal-face sealed bearing tungsten carbide insert tricone bits to guarantee the drilling could be finished at one time without new bits replacement.

4>For water well drilling, shallow well drilling or shorter distance trenchless pilot hole projects, elastomer(rubber) sealed bearing tricone bits has better cost performance.

5> Cost of drilling per meter is the most important factor that drillers will consider in choosing tricone bits, we are pleasant to cooperate with drillers to lower drilling cost per meter.

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