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13 5/8"IADC517 Water Well Drilling TCI Tricone Bit

13 5/8 inches TCI Tricone Bit


three cone bit carbide cone bit insert tricone bit high quality 346mm TCI tricone rock bit for oil and gas well drill3 cone




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Diameter  13 5/8"(346.0mm)
Bearing Type  Elastomer sealed bearing
Tooth Type  TCI(Tungsten Carbide Inserts)
Circulation Type  Mud fluid
Thread Connection  6 5/8 reg pin
Gauge Protection  Available
Shirttail Protection  Available
Operating Parameters
RPM(r/min) 140-60
WOB(KN) 121-346
Formations Soft to medium formation with low compressive strength, such as mudstone, gypsum, salt, soft limestone, etc.

Solidkey tricone drill bits has been served for more than 35 countries in the past 10 years, the customers includes drilling contractors, distributors, government tenders. 

For drilling contractors, Solidkey tricone drill bits and PDC bits could be customized to work with the costly rigs and equipment which will increase drilling efficiency, reduce consuming and save drilling cost.

For distributors of drilling tools, marketing strategy for specific requirement will be made before supplying, detailed communication before-sale makes no worry on after-sale service. Adequate inventory and prompt production speed supports fast delivery.

How to place an order?

1>Tell us details of drilling applications, including depth, length, hardness of rocks, rigs information, etc.

2>Diameter of tricone drill bits, IADC code and quantities of each items.

3>Expected delivery time.

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