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32 Inches Trenchless Rock Drilling Hole Open

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32 Inches Trenchless Rock Drilling Hole Open
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API Certified factory of Tricone Bits and PDC bits
API is American Petroleum Institute, it is Authoritative in the world.
All products are produced in lines of API specifications.


Products Speification
Size  32"

Cutter Type

Metal-face Sealed Bearing Cutters For 12 1/4" Tricone Bit 

IADC 637
Roller Cutter Quantity 6
Overall Length(mm) 1800
Thread Connection


Operating Parameters

Hard formations for high compressive strength,such as sandstone,hard shale,dolomite,hard gypsum,chert,granite,etc.



High-grade raw materials, advanced equipment, top technical team supports and trust from clients propelled the establishment and development of SOLIDKEY. As a professional and API certified factory, we provide competitive pricing on all products, aim at lowering the cost of drilling per meter, achieving the most cost-effective.



For trenchless industry, both Roller Cone Reamers and PDC Reamers are available, we specialize in :


Any hardness of rocks drilling.

Any length of distance crossing.

Working with famous trencher brands, Vermeer, XCMG, Ditch Witch, etc.


Solution of Trenchless Rock Drilling Hole Opener :


1. Choose the proper shaft according to thread connection.

2. Choose the proper cutting teeth shapes according to hardness of rocks.

3. Choose the proper diameter of roller cone bit for hole opener.

4. Choose the proper quantity of roller cone cutters.




Regular Models

8 1/2"(215.9mm) IADC537G 8 1/2"(215.9mm) IADC637G 12 1/4"(311.1mm) IADC537G
6"(152.4mm) PDC Bit 12 1/4"(311.1mm) PDC Bit Bi Center Bit
24" Hole Opener 36" Hole Opener 44" Hole Opener
14" PDC Reamer 18" PDC Reamer HDD PDC Reamer
Tricone Bit Thirds Block Roller Bits Block Roller Bits
Roller Cone Bits for Piling Replaceable Roller Cone Bits Core Barrel



Oil/Gas Well Drilling-Water Well Drilling-HDD(Trenchless)-Foundation Piling

TCI Roller


Our Mission:
Lower the cost of Drilling-Per-Meter.

Who we are:
To exploit energy resources underground.
To exploit water underground.
To install pipelines underground with No-Dig.
To pile foundation for constructions.
We are one of the people who makes above easier.
Let’s work together and enjoy this job.


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