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Comparison pictures of Regular Inserts Shapes in TCI Tricone Bits

Comparison pictures of Regular Inserts Shapes in TCI Tricone Bits

Drilling Fields
2019/03/25 14:49
The basic requirement for teeth is high rock breaking efficiency and long life.
TCI is short for Tungsten Carbide Inserts, drillers chooses Inserts shapes of TCI Tricone Bits according to detailed geological formations.

The reference pictures shows TCI Tricone Bits IADC847G, IADC827G, IADC737G, IADC637G, IADC617G, IADC537G(Spoon shape and Chisel shape).

Nowadays, IADC8-- and IADC7-- are still regular models in mineral blast hole drilling, as the extreme hardness of ironstone. But except mining blast hole drilling application, IADC8-- and 7-- are rare models in oil/gas well drilling or water well drilling. Instead, IADC437/517/537/617/637 are regular models which have longer carbide inserts and higher penetration rate, ROP(rate of penetration) is important data to evaluate performance of tricone bits.

The IADC was invented decades ago to classify different teeth/inserts and bearing of rock bits(tricone bits and PDC bits ), we only talk about IADC codes of tricone bits in this article. Decades ago, the performance of tungsten carbide inserts is much lower than nowadays, the teeth/inserts must be very small and dense to overcome very hard and abrasive rocks, so decades ago IADC7--/8-- were also regular models in oil/gas well drilling, drillers had to choose lower ROP to pass through hard and abrasive formations. Longer teeth/inserts has faster penetrating speed, but longer teeth/inserts would be fractured much easier in hard rocks drilling.

Technology of tungsten carbide inserts developed a lot that makes drillers have better choices to get higher ROP in drilling tough rocks.
Tricone Bits IADC847G Tricone Bits IADC827G
Tricone Bits IADC737G Tricone Bits IADC637G
Tricone Bits IADC617G Tricone Bits IADC537G
Spoon Shape(IADC537G)-Chisel Shape(IADC537G)-Small Chisel Shape(IADC617G)-Conical Spherical Shape(IADC637G)