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  • 2018.3 CIPPE

    2018.3 CIPPE

  • 2019.3.27-29 CIPPE

    2019.3.27-29 CIPPE

  • 2017.9.12 is attending an exhibition in Australia

    2017.9.12 is attending an exhibition in Australia

  • 2018.11.27-30  BAUMA CHINA

    2018.11.27-30 BAUMA CHINA

Feedback of HDD hole opener
Release time:
2021-07-17 19:00
Video of HDD hole opener, totally drilled 1600 meters.
Feedback of piling core barrel
Release time:
2021-07-17 16:06
Video of roller cone bit on piling core barrel, satisfied test result.
Bauma CHINA 2020
Release time:
2020-03-01 13:26