Western Sahara C142 Roller Cone Bits for Rotary Drilling Rigs


Western SaharaRoller Cone Bits

Product Description

C142 Series Replaceable Type

Bearing Structure



Features of C142 Series

1 Journal sealed bearing with TCI protection on heel of cones
2 Bigger cone ,TCI covers full cones, longer working life
3 Shirttail hard enhanced by Tungsten Carbide
4 C142-537 adopts 15mm chisel TCI, C142-637 adopts 14mm conical-ball TCI
C142series suit for drilling hard&very hard rock hardness more than 100MPa, bigger diameter TC Inserts brings higher wear resistance and lower inserts breakage rate


Technical specification of roller cone bit C142

Raw Material
Cone 15MnNi4Mo
Arm 20CrNiMo
Tooth Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Tooth Type
Tooth Qty.&Diameter 45 PCS / 15mm
Tooth Height Total height: 18.5mm, inside height: 10.5mm, outside height: 8mm
Bearing and Lubrication
Tungsten carbide enhanced on bearing
A Yes  
B Yes  
C No  
Grease Lubrication & Bearing Seal
O-ring Seal. Inject grease NOT by vacuum machine


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